Village Bookshop

Village Bookshop Linworth Ohio

During the most recent snowy blast, Erin and I decided to venture out and stave cabin fever off at the pass. She’s not from around here and was somewhat unconvinced that people would be out driving as if nothing ever happened, and that pretty much every business would be open. As we were driving right by it in search of lunch, I couldn’t resist popping into my favorite local bookstore, the Village Bookshop in Linworth.

I’ve been coming here for at least 20 years, and the lady who owns it – manning the cash register herself today – says they’ve had it for 34. It’s been in operation something like half a century, however, according to her. Keep in mind that this isn’t entirely a “used book store” as this phrase is commonly understood. Rather, they mostly offer books – both new and old – that are in brand new condition, sold at a steep discount from the cover price. There’s plenty of room to move around in, the place is well organized, and it has a great atmosphere. Having said that, it does get a little overwhelming after a while and you almost always wind up leaving before even getting through everything, as their selection extends all the way up to a second floor.

Here are some snapshots of the visit. I don’t know how a couple of these turned out black and white, but it’s a cool accident:

IMG_7150IMG_7151IMG_7152IMG_7153IMG_7154 (1)IMG_7156IMG_7157


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