Kevin Spain - A Year At Mulford & McClain

C-bus Artifacts

If interested in anything you’ve read/seen/heard here, below are some of the related artifacts you might wish to pick up, for further exploration:

Tom Betti & Doreen Uhas Sauer – Historic Columbus Taverns (book)

I picked this one up online without knowing anything about it, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s more high-brow than expected, a concise but in depth history book as opposed to little blurbs about bars or whatever. As an added bonus, it turns out the copy I ordered online was autographed by the authors! Anyway, I would definitely recommend this if you’re interested in the subject matter.

Alvin Choate – Diamond in the Night (album)

This is one of my more enjoyable recent finds, a local musician who blends jazz, funk, rock, blues and soul into his own unique concoction. He plays all the instruments, most of them on a simple old Yamaha keyboard. Something about instrumental music can really send your imagination racing, too, if it’s evocative enough, and for me his compositions paint some vivid mental landscapes.


Alvin Choate album “Diamond in the Night.”

Counterfeit Madison – Opposable Thumbs (CD)

Pick up the latest release from this soulful Columbus artist with an amazing, powerful voice, Sharon Udoh. My favorite track, I Hope It’s Alright (found on the Spotify playlist in this here sidebar), has an old school, New Orleans jazz vibe about it…at least until she begins screaming f-bombs!

1795 Gerrard Avenue basement

1795 Gerrard Avenue basement

Goofy Guys – veteran jokemeisters can nonetheless occasionally play their instruments with a semblance of chops. Here are some live improvs recorded in the basement at 1795 Gerrard Avenue:

Return Of Scallop Man (MP3 download)

Daddy Dawg (MP3 download)


The Judas CowGolddigger (MP3 download)

Last Summer (MP3 download)

Mid Sized City (MP3 download)

Mild Depression (MP3 download)

The Judas Cow - Last Summer EP

The Judas Cow – Last Summer EP


Kevin Spain – Inspired (MP3 download)

Weave (MP3 download)

Kevin Spain - A Year At Mulford & McClain

Kevin Spain – A Year At Mulford & McClain

Lions Of March – Scars Scatter (CD)

Lo-fi to say the least and mostly recorded right here in C-bus, from ’01 to ’03. Released August 2004.

Scars Scatter cover

Lydia Loveless – Indestructible Machine (CD)

This 2012 effort by favorite newly discovered artist was her 2nd album, and recorded in Grove City. If you like modern alternative country, this one should be right up your alley.

Jason McGathey – One Hundred Virgins (book)

A little shameless self-promotion, here, but if I do say so this is a pretty solid piece of journalism, covering 6 months living on the OSU campus scene. I would recommend the paperback (link to Amazon above) – and yeah, you can download an e-book on Kindle, Smashwords, et cetera, too, but surely you will want a physical souvenir, right?


One Hundred Virgins

Tony Monaco – A New Generation: Paesanos on the New B3 (CD)

Fans of the classic jazz sound of a Hammond organ will love this, the Columbus legend’s debut disc. Also, you should definitely check out his website,, which has one of the coolest layouts of all time.

Monster Truck Five – Columbus, Ohio (CD)

Bonus points for the nifty cover, photoshopped onto the Tee-Jaye’s at Morse and High. A sign which only looks ancient because it is, incidentally, dating back to the Jerry’s Drive-In days.

The Top Heavies – Feed The Beast (CD)

Two Cow Garage – Please Turn The Gas Back On  (CD)

Released in 2002, this is their debut album, the beginning of an illustrious career which has exceeded all expectations. These alt-country stalwarts continue to tour and record at a breakneck pace to this day.

Watershed – Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust (live) (CD) (1994)

vital live document not only recorded by one of Columbus’s most popular bands, but from a live gig at the Newport Music Hall, too.

Star Vehicle ’98 (CD) (1998)

The More It Hurts, The More It Works (CD) (2002)

The Fifth Of July (CD) (2005)

Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust II (CD) (2007)

On a related note, be sure to pick up Joe Oestreich’s fascinating book about his time spent with the band, Hitless WonderThis is a terrific tome, and recommended even if you know nothing about the band. Part memoir, part a journalistic piece about life on the road, it also features some juicy details about the music industry’s inner workings and a few cameos by various well-known figures.


C-bus musicians: have your albums dropped out of print and/or never were in print? If so we should probably do something about that. Drop me a line ( and state your case. It would be nice to restore some of these links in the chain, so to speak, and I can make this happen.



2 Comments on “C-bus Artifacts

  1. This is not related to “Artfacts” but on the Love Letter to Columbus site, this is the only place I found to communicate with the writer of the site. If that person is the person currently reading my email, I strongly recommend you read Bela Koe-Krompecher’s Blog. It spans several years and is probably best read in chunks over several days. It is a deeply personal journey of a person who was active as a record-store clerk / buyer (Used Kids) and person booking several indie / “alternative” bands to Columbus clubs in the 90’s. He founded Anyway Records and is I believe a therapist or social worker of some sorts in Columbus now.It follows his journey with addiction, the lives and deaths of several dear friends, a detailed history of Columbus from the 80’s through to the present. He does not blog every month, but some years he does most months and some only 4 or 5 months. It is very moving in places and a fantastic read.


    • Doug: Thanks for reaching out! I will try searching for his blog. I’m familiar with who Bela is as a figure around Columbus. He was working at Used Kids back when we used to shop there constantly and of course has had numerous pieces written about him too. I’m glad you mentioned this blog because it sounds like exactly the kind of in-depth history I need. Thanks again!



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