Bernie’s Bagels & Deli/The Distillery


After 40 years serving drinks, bagels, and live music, campus institution Bernie’s bit the dust on New Year’s Eve 2015 (so the early hours of 2016, if you want to get technical). More on this space will follow. But for now, below are some pictures from the night my buddy Dave decided to hold his bachelor’s party here – national indie rockers Criteria played that night, as well as our friends in local band the Handshake:

Bachelor's Party at Bernie's

Dave & some of my other friends on a surprisingly subdued night, at Bernie’s Distillery.

Then there is this curiosity below, which Damon and I spotted tacked to a telephone pole one afternoon on High Street. The character in this photograph is without question the elementary school guidance counselor we all had, clear up in Lexington. So the parties responsible for this flyer presumably hail from that region, although I don’t think we ever determined who this might be. And of course it doesn’t help matters any that the poster is now partially ripped:


Mysterious Bernie’s poster, circa late 20th century

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