Northberg Tavern

Superstar Rookie book their second ever show at Northberg Tavern, a bar on High Street in the basement of a Donatos Pizza. This marks the live addition of one Tony Bair to the lineup, a lead guitarist about whom they still remain somewhat ambivalent. Although the other members have surely honed their own skills in the interim, and would have improved upon the debut gig regardless, I think Tony’s insertion gives them a more interesting and original sound.

This underground bar has only recently begun booking bands, so I’m not expecting much in the form of sound quality, but beer’s supposed to flow cheaply here and the place is sure to burst at the seams with familiar faces. As an added incentive Travis is hosting a party at his place after the show, and considering he always threw the best bashes in high school, this is not one to miss.

The Northberg is located beneath a Donatos Pizza at the corner of Frambes and High. After descending a flight of stairs and handing over the minimal admission to an absent minded doorman, I find most of the gang immediately, probably because they’re clustered at the most prominent table in the room. A long, banana shaped table with holes cut out to wrap around two pillars, it runs through the center of the tiny bar and affords the best possible view.

A funky, electric blue light suffuses the space, lending it a sickly and garish 1980s worthy hue. That coupled with the poor sound in the early going don’t seem to promise much of a future, and you add a sterile basement vibe into the mix. But man, though we never would have dreamed such at the time, for about a solid year, I and my friends – in various configurations, and numerous reasons – will wind up spending an awful lot of time at the Northberg.

Though other random diversions will occasionally draw us here, the twin pillars of our attraction become this local amateur comedy night, and the mind-blowing live appearances by one man with an acoustic guitar, this cat named Swabby.

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